Panera Bread Customer Outraged After Finding ‘Stupid B***h’ On Receipt

"I was floored. What are your morals? What does Panera Bread stand for?" the unnamed customer asked after finding and reporting the note to the manager.

Many of us immediately crumple up our receipts and stuff them in a wallet or the trash can upon receiving them, never noticing if there was anything out of the ordinary printed on them.

Alas, this was not the case for a Georgia Panera Bread customer who found a shocking insult on her receipt after placing her order.

“ADD WATERMELON FOR THIS STUPID B***H," the ticket read, according to the New York Daily News. The unnamed woman reportedly told the manager as soon as she saw the crass words, but received an insufficient response.

"I was floored. What are your morals? What does Panera Bread stand for?" she asked.

Apparently, the manager offered to simply speak with the cashier about the stunt and remake the salad the woman had ordered; however, she didn’t accept his approach and instead chose to leave the establishment and reach out to the restaurant's corporate office.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the greatest response either. "The response I got from them just didn't feel like they felt like it was a big deal," the woman said.

In a last ditch effort to be heard and taken seriously, the woman expressed her grievances on social media. "I feel like if I didn't use social media as my platform, I don't feel like I would have been heard," she explained.

In response to the customer’s post, Panera Bread issued an apologetic statement, confirming that the cashier responsible had been fired.

“At Panera, we have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and the associate has been terminated as a result of this situation. We are focused on fostering a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, and this incident is not indicative of the way that we treat our guests," the statement read, according to WSB-TV

Although the woman finally got a response, she said she will not be returning to Panera Bread.

This customer’s experience sheds light on a pattern we often see in which companies appear more compelled to fix a problem after being exposed on social media.

This woman saw firsthand that public outcry and the looming threat of mass boycott against a business will encourage a higher level of urgency to rectify a situation. However, that same swiftness is often lacking when an incident is kept out of the public eye.

Nevertheless, the associate responsible for typing the insult deserved to be terminated as they are clearly unfit to be in a customer service position.

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