Skydiving Santa Cheers Up Earthquake-Affected Children With Gifts

Most of these children used to live in Amatrice before the devastating earthquake hit Italy on Aug. 24, leaving thousands homeless.

Christmas is just around the corner.

While the holiday season brings joy and celebration for people all over the world, children in the earthquake-hit region of Italy had nothing to look forward to — till a skydiving Santa Claus came along.

A group of eight professional skydivers, members of Italy's national parachute association from the nearby city of Terni, including Enrico Marcucci dressed as Father Christmas, flew over Amatrice, to bring smiles to the children in areas struck by the deadly August earthquake.

Marcucci made a grand entry with smoke trails in the colors of the Italian flag.

Italian Flag

The group was welcomed by a crowd of children, extremely excited to see Santa.

Most of these kids lived in Amatrice, before the devastating earthquake hit Italy on Aug.24, killing almost 300 people and leaving many homeless. 

Now, left without a roof, they live in tents and makeshift camps in the nearby towns and villages.

Glad to see Santa, each one of them took turns to sit on Father Christmas’ lap and share their wish lists.


"The jump went very well, the landings too, the children were very happy and we didn't think about the devastation [from the earthquake] because in the children's smiles, we saw so much light and so much joy," Carlo Capuano, professional skydiver and Alpine rescuer said.

The skydivers also donated nearly €3000 ($3184.65) to aid the quake victims of schools and nursery in the village of Somatti, near Amatrice, to help them with reconstruction efforts.

Sergio Pirozzi

Amatrice's mayor, Sergio Pirozzi, who was happy to see this activity said, "Normality returns with events like this."

"Christmas won't be an easy time for my community, which is having to come to terms with great loss, but these moments of solidarity are very important and will certainly bring joy to our children."

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