Parade Float Featuring Hillary 'Locked Up' Pelted With Water Balloons

A parade float in western Iowa portrayed a man dressed as Hillary Clinton in a prison cell, much to local Democrats dismay.

Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton became the first woman in the United States to be a presidential candidate, the Republican Party and its supporters have responded with overwhelmingly misogynistic antics.

The parade float at a recent anti-Clinton rally in the small town of Arcadia, Iowa, is no different, unfortunately. The float was a makeshift jail cell containing a man in an orange prison suit wearing a Hillary Clinton mask. Below the cell was a sign which read, "Hillary for Prison."

Manila resident, Kyle Julin, and his friend Josh Reetz created the heinous display. Julin's friends passed out water balloons, encouraging members of the crowd — including children — to throw them at the mock jail cell. 

Hillary for Prison parade float

 As the Globe Gazette reported, not all are accepting of this hate-filled response to potentially having a woman in the nation's top leadership role. 

Simply put, "sad" was the indicative word which Tim Tracy, Carroll County Democrats Chairman, chose to describe the unnecessary display of overt sexism. 

The motif of Clinton in the indicative bright orange prison garb is not uncommon among staunch supporters of Donald Trump. As witnessed at the sexist spectacle that was the Republican National Convention, Clinton was bashed in every way possible - from being called expletives to being compared to a Kentucky Fried Chicken value meal.

Photo credit: Twitter, @realkingrobbo

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