Paramedic Places Sheet Over Shooting Victim Who Was Still Breathing

The teen was breathing heavily as he lay on the ground with the sheet over him. He was taken to the hospital after an undetermined amount of time.


Responding to a deadly shooting in Chicago's Near West Side neighborhood, paramedics placed a sheet over one of the victims, who, it later turned out, was still breathing.

Seventeen-year-old Erin Carey was shot in the head multiple times. A woman was also pronounced dead at the scene and four other people got injured.

As soon as paramedics arrived, they initially presumed Carey dead and placed a white sheet over him. He lay on the ground in that position for an undetermined amount of time.

But there are reports onlookers begged them to take the sheet off as he appeared to be moving. "He ain’t dead," a woman reportedly pointed out.

Officers also saw Carey moving under the sheet on live video.

"He is responsive, he just moved on the camera, moved his head from side to side, so he's not dead," an officer said while reacting to live footage.

It took paramedics several minutes to perform chest compressions on the teenager, who was later taken to Stroger Hospital, where he died.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago and Larry Langford, a CFD spokesperson, said they were investigating the incident. 

“We are reviewing dispatch recordings, phone calls and our paramedics to determine what did led to the patient being left under a sheet when he had not been pronounced dead, and in fact had life signs despite a traumatic wound from which he could not recover,” Langford told the press.

Meanwhile, people were outraged over the negligence that eventually led to Carey's death:




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