Parents Are Giving Kids Bleach In A Desperate Attempt To 'Cure' Autism

Parents are so desperate to cure their children of autism that they are forcing them to drink bleach, a practice linked back to a Southern California cult.

After the ridicule the internet hit teens with for the "Tide Pod challenge," a new, much more cruel and sinister trend is being seen regarding cleaning products and parents. 

In a truly sickening and desperate attempt to cure their children of autism, parents are forcing them to drink industrial bleach, a potentially fatal practice that can be traced to a cult originating in Southern California. 

According to Sunday People, six British police forces have investigated cases in which children as young as the age of two years old were forced by their parents to ingest bleach. 

The "treatment" is commonly referred to as CD, chloride dioxide, or MMS, miracle mineral solution, and its usage can be linked back to a secret Facebook group explaining how to administer MMS and its benefits.

The method was originally started by the Genesis II Church, a controversial and secretive cult-like establishment in Los Angeles founded by Jim Humble, a former scientologist. 

The church was linked back to an underground network scattered throughout Southern California which promoted MMS as not only a cure for autism, but also for other ailments including Parkinson's and cancer in children. 

The church's leaders claim that autism has been caused by pathogens and parasites, both of which are killed by chloride dioxide. 

Doctors have stepped forward to denounce the practice of MMS, citing the serious health risks, including the risk of death.

Proponents have recommended mixing the solution with fruit juice, but doctors have warned against this as well, as doing so can cause the solution to acidify and produce chlorine dioxide, an extremely risky bleach that is used to strip textiles. 

The British Food Standards Authority has also warned against the use of MMS citing the side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, reduced blood pressure, respiratory failure and damage to the gut.

So far, there has been one death linked back to the use of MMS, though there has been several cases of serious health problems. 

"When you have very extreme measures like this to 'cure' a condition, it's just a roulette game," Dr. Jeff Foster explained to Sunday People. "Eventually someone will die. It's only a matter of time."

The most disgusting aspect of this trend is not the delusion or desperation of these parents, it is that they are more willing to place their child's life in danger than to have them be autistic. Autism isn't shameful, what these parents are doing is. 

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