En Route To Funeral, Newborn Declared Dead Found To Be Alive

Parents in India were told that both of their twins, born prematurely, had died in childbirth. But on the way to their funerals, they made a shocking discovery.

Parents of a newborn child who was declared dead by doctors are understandably outraged, as it turns out the child wasn’t dead after all.

The child, whose twin sibling was stillborn, was also declared dead by his doctor at the privately-run Max Hospital in Delhi, India. The children were born at 22 weeks, or about 18 weeks premature.

While en route to the funeral, the parents of the twins were stunned when they noticed one of the bags holding the infants started moving.

Upon the discovery, the family rushed the moving infant to a nearby hospital. The child was pronounced alive by doctors once they arrived.

Calls for an investigation into the matter were swiftly made. Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Twitter that an official inquiry would be ordered, and that the “strongest action” would be taken if the doctors who had pronounced the child’s death were found guilty.


Delhi’s minister of health also tweeted out that his department would conduct its own inquiry, calling the errant declaration of death an "unacceptable act."


According to a spokesperson at the hospital, the doctor who declared the living twin as dead has been asked to request leave immediately pending an inquiry into the matter.

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