School Board Member's Blackface Photo Sparks Outrage

“It's a little bit hurtful in the way to think my children are being supervised by a person who feels like that is all they're worth," said an upset mother.

An elected board member in Arkansas, Ted Bonner, has upset parents and caused outrage on social media with a controversial photograph.

Bonner, who works at the Blevins School District, can be seen wearing a blackface in the picture with a sign in front of him that reads “Blak Lives Matters.”

The photo, first obtained by Channel 7, was reportedly taken at a Halloween party, a couple of weeks ago. 

Parents are understandably furious and are demanding that Bonner, who is white, be removed from the school.

"Number one, it's appalling," Faye Smith, mother of two of sons who attend Blevins High School, told abc13. "Number two, it's inappropriate for a school board member to disrespect students that he's over, who are black."

"Why is that every time you make a joke, it's blackface?" questioned Smith. "Why is blackface funny? We have a whole race of people who don't think looking in the mirror is a joke."

"I don't appreciate the fact that you're mocking the thing that I'm teaching my boys is something to be proud of, being a black man, and then you do this like to make them feel like, 'Well, you're a joke.'" She added. "It's a little bit hurtful in the way to think my children are being supervised by a person who feels like that is all they're worth."


Blevins Public Schools Superintendent Billy Lee apologized for Bonner’s conduct in a statement.


School board president Justice West commented on the controversy, “The school board nor the school administration holds the power under the law to discipline or remove a school board member; only the voters have that power during the next school board election.”

Bonner, the cause of all this outrage, has now issued an apology for his choice of wearing a blackface according to Lee.


But the apology is not enough for some parents.

"If you blacken my eye and come back and tell me 'I'm sorry' the black eye is still there," Smith remarked on Bonner’s apology. "It's always a reminder of what you did."

The NAACP also issued a statement demanding Bonner to resign.


In a similar incident during Halloween, a white University of Central Arkansas student was expelled for dressing up as Bill Cosby in blackface to attend a fraternity party.

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