Parents Use BB Gun To Punish Their Kids For Not Doing Chores

The mother's lawyer claimed the cruel BB gun shootings initiated by her children’s’ father "began as a bit of fun and developed from there.”

A group of nine BBs organized in rows of three including six copper and three silver

A couple from Blackpool, England, has taken cruel and unusual punishment to new heights by shooting their children with a BB gun for failing to complete chores.

According to BBC News, the pair used the weapon on their five children over the course of four months. Some of the behaviors that the parents believed warranted this punishment include not washing dishes and dropping things.

The father allegedly purchased the pellet gun back in February 2016 to shoot birds and discipline the children. One of the daughters was reportedly shot for having a boyfriend at 13 years old, which her father felt was too young.

Apparently, the father was usually the one pulling the trigger and he kept the gun close by, down inside of the sofa. However, the mother would take the reins whenever the father wasn't home.

The parents’ abuse was exposed by the 13-year-old daughter who told a teacher where her bruises and an open wound on her leg came from. The couple initially denied the allegations and the father maintained he had only ever used a foam dart gun on his kids. Alas, they both later admitted to the truth.

The father’s lawyer, Rosalyn Emslie-Smith, said that he has “always accepted he has failed in terms of his parenting.” However, Ciaran Rankin — who is representing the mother — used a less direct excuse by saying that the shootings “began as a bit of fun and developed from there.”

The question still remains, though:  why would parents find any “fun” in causing harm to their own children?

The pair pleaded guilty to five counts of child cruelty with the 50-year-old father being sentenced to two years behind bars and the 33-year-old mother given a suspended sentence and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

This form of discipline is wrong on all accounts; however, it's especially disturbing that such trivial behaviors were being punished in this way.

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