Hotel Blames Woman’s Outfit After She Complains Staff Harassed Her

Mariah Nonnemacher was sexually harassed at the Enjoy Hostel in Paris — but, instead of being apologetic, the hostel management blamed her for the harassment.


A woman was enjoying her breakfast with friends at the Enjoy Hostel in Paris when a staff member made her really uncomfortable by harassing her.

Instead of making the staffer face his mistake, the hotel blamed the victim for his advances.

Mariah Nonnemacher, a 26-year-old actress and director from Arkansas, was having breakfast with her friends, when a staff member approached them and asked the women if they had boyfriends.

He also asked for their phone numbers, only to by ignored by the women.

The very next day, when Nonnemacher was checking out of the hotel, the same staffer came up to her, blocked her way and gestured at her top. “You’re showing too much cleavage, it’s not appropriate,” he said.

“There were people in the landing and the lobby around to hear. It’s embarrassing, for one, and not that I should have to explain it, but I wasn’t wearing anything provocative,” explained Nonnemacher.

According to the actor, she was wearing a V-neck top with her boyfriend's plaid shirt on top of jeans and boats. There was nothing provocative about her appearance.

But even if the outfit was revealing, it does not give a man, a virtual stranger, the right to harass a woman.

If all of this wasn’t enough, when Nonnemacher emailed the hotel’s manager about the disturbing incident, they started slamming her for the “provocative” outfit.

"After investigation, I am really sorry to tell you that, it turns out that you were dressed provocatively with a plunging neckline," the manager wrote.

"This is a mistake, because when traveling and frequenting a hotel where there are many men, it is more prudent, to avoid any harassment to dress as well."

Naturally, Nonnemacher was infuriated with this unprofessional response, so she replied back telling the manager his reply was inappropriate.

The next email she received from the manager was even more cringe-worthy.

“What kind of girl are you? You don’t recognize all what I said?! I am sorry, I can do nothing for you. You do what you want at your home, but not in a public area! My hostel is not a club to date and/or to have an affair!”

This is what misogyny is.

After the management defended the harasser, Nonnemacher uploaded her story on Facebook and Twitter to warn females how this particular hotel has no boundaries.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters

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