Paris Continues To Burn As People Protest Alleged ‘Theo Rape Case’

People in Paris are continuing their protests against racism and injustice, after the alleged rape of a young African-American man by police officials.

The rape of a young black man, Theo, by police officers in Paris, France, has sparked outrage amongst people.

Protestors came out onto the streets of the French capital in the first week of February, soon after the incident, to protest police brutality, racial discrimination and injustice. Tensions between police officials and protestors have escalated further since the incident. Youths pelted stones and petrol bombs at police and even set several cars ablaze in an expression of anger.  Numerous arrests have already taken place.

A video of Theo’s arrest shows the young man on the ground being beaten by four policemen. One of the officers then allegedly inserted a baton into the man’s anus.  He received serious internal injuries and was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a major surgery.

An investigating magistrate has charged one of the officers involved with rape and three others officers are being investigated for unnecessary violence.

A lawyer representing the officer charged with rape has claimed that the injuries Theo received were an “accident.”

A judge who is set to look into the case on Feb. 20 will decide whether the policemen involved will face trial.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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