Parisians Forced To Swim In the Streets Due To Extreme Flooding

Flooding of the Seine River in Paris has reached such heights and affected metro lines so much that citizens are now swimming in the streets.

Thanks to an unusually high amount of rainfall in May, the Seine River in Paris has flooded and created chaos across the city, even causing the Louvre Museum to close so it can move over 250,000 pieces of priceless artwork to higher levels.

The water, which is expected to reach 21 feet, has forced many Parisians to evacuate their homes and resort to increasingly unique forms of transportation.

Citizens have begun swimming across the city streets as metro lines have been affected.

According to Mashable, the rainfall for May has exceeded a record originally set in December 1999.

Erratic and unusual weather patterns such as these only act as increased evidence of the consequences of climate change, which become more dire every day.

At least 15 people have died from the flooding so far across Western Europe (two in France and 10 in Germany), and many have lost power in their homes as European officials continue to urge evacuations.

This severe rainfall for Europe will hopefully decrease in the next few weeks, but instances of extreme weather will continue to ramp up. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

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