Florida Survivor To Melania: Stop Cyber Bullying, Start With Stepson

Two members of the Hogg family survived the Florida shooting. Now they fear for their lives, once again — thanks to Donald Trump Jr.

A 14-year-old girl, who survived the Parkland shooting, has appealed to Melania Trump to save her from the cyber bullying she has faced because of the first lady’s 40-year-old step son.



In the tweets, Lauren reminded Melania about the promise she made before Trump was elected into office; a promise to protect “children and teenagers” from the cruelties of the internet. Even then, Melania was advised to begin her work of charity at home and reign in a husband who often ridiculed and disrespected people online.

Now is another chance for Melania Trump to fulfill her promise. Earlier this week, Trump Jr. liked two tweets that concocted an elaborate conspiracy theory about the Hogg family. It alleged that Lauren’s 17-year-old brother, David Hogg, who is also a survivor of the shooting and has become one of the loudest voice for gun reforms, was “coached” by his father, a former FBI agent, to speak out for gun control.

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Since then, the Hogg family has received many death threats, the siblings’ mom, Rebecca Boldrick, told The Washington Post.

The family is still reeling from the shooting and has been, in Lauren’s words,”retraumatized.” The outpouring of hate has only intensified as conspiracy theories proliferated.

One video on YouTube called David Hogg a ‘crisis actor’ and was able to make it to the no.1 spot on the website, before being removed by the company.

In such an environment, Trump Jr.’s like sends a strong message regarding who the government holds responsible for the shooting.

Melania Trump has remained silent, and even complicit, according to some, even as members of her family have bullied people online and as her husband used a national tragedy to close cases against him. It remains unclear if the tweet will be able to jolt her into action.

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