Parkland Victim Was Sexually Harassed By Guard Who Didn’t Stop Shooter

The Stoneman Douglas security monitor accused of seeing the shooter entering the school and doing nothing to stop him harassed one of the victims last year.

One of the victims of the Parkland, Florida, shooting was harassed by an unarmed security monitor last year. He's the same man who many people say could have stopped the gunman responsible for the February massacre.

Now, the victim’s family is speaking out.

In an interview, Andrew Pollack and his son, Hunter, said Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School security monitor Andrew Medina was suspended for three days after harassing Meadow Pollack and another female student. The incident, Pollack said, was reported by the girl and her mother. But according to the father, he and his 20-year-old son only learned about the incident after the Feb. 14 tragedy.

Pollack said his ex-wife didn’t tell him anything because he would have “handled” Medina, 39, if he knew about the harassment.  

“I wouldn’t have just let it go,” he said.

A disciplinary panel said Medina should be fired for the cases of harassment. However, school officials simply suspended him for three days.

To Pollack, the incompetence is hard to ignore.

“Every day more incompetence gets exposed,” the grief-stricken dad said. Medina “should have been fired a long time ago.”

On the day of the horrific mass shooting, Medina spotted Cruz walking into the school with a large bag. He told police later that he knew the kid was troubled and a former student. And yet, he did nothing to stop him.

Officials said he could have called a “Code Red,” but instead, he chose to contact another unarmed security monitor.

“We had a meeting about him last year, and we said, ‘If there’s gonna be anybody who’s gonna come to this school and shoot this school up, it’s gonna be that kid,'” Medina told investigators.

Even after this glaring judgment error, the district did not let him go.

“They still won’t fire the guy,” Pollack said. “There is incompetence everywhere in the Broward schools.”

Pollack is now leading a battle to expose the district's lack of professionalism, asking people to vote current leaders out of office.

Medina was reported for harassment for asking one girl out for drinks and making comments about her body, as well as harassing Pollack’s daughter, then 17, and calling her “beautiful and sweetheart.” After the girl’s boyfriend confronted Medina, he reportedly threatened him.

The school district told reporters that Medina was suspended because he had no previous disciplinary record and that he had denied the accusations made against him.

With “no direct evidence to distinguish between the conflicting statements,” the school decided simply to suspend him.

As Pollack said, the district has shown a great deal of incompetence for a long time. There were many red flags and many opportunities for the school to act on the murderer, Nikolas Cruz, before he decided to shoot his former colleagues. But then again, there were also many opportunities to act on a serial harasser and incompetent security monitor, yet they did nothing.

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