As Plane Catches Fire, Passengers Grab Bags Instead Of Escaping

A handful of people are being treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation while around 280 others got away unscathed.

An Emirates Boeing 777 with 300 passengers aboard crash landed at the Dubai International Airport on Aug. 3.

Luckily, the passengers all managed to get away without any life-threatening injuries, but around 10 of them are being treated for smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

The harrowing scene from the flight shows crew members shouting “Jump, jump, jump! Leave your bags behind!” as many passengers scrambled for their luggage in the overhead compartments. The oxygen masks hung down, making it more difficult for people to find their belongings, but nonetheless, some managed to leave with their carry-on luggage.

A Facebook user, Rehan Qureshi, posted a scene from the plane on the social media site with the caption: “Evacuation video of #Emirates #EK521 from crash landing at #Dubai #Airport this afternoon. Idiotic passengers to go for carry-ons instead of escaping. Brave #CabinCrew, also goes to show how important recurrent trainings are for everyone’s safety!”

Although it is understandable that people wanted to take at least part of their belongings before evacuating the plane, but in such a situation one should always prioritize their own and others’ safety over materialistic belongings.

Check out the video above to see the panicked passengers scrambling for their bags.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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