Passengers Suffer Broken Spines After Plane Hits Extreme Turbulence

"It lasted for about ten seconds, the plane was being thrown everywhere," recounted Rostik Rusev, who was a passenger on the flight heading to Bangkok.

Passengers and crew on an Aeroflot flight are lucky to be alive after some extreme turbulence left travelers with severe spinal injuries while heading to Bangkok from Moscow.

During the flight early Monday, the aircraft hit turbulence as it unexpectedly entered an “air hole” just before preparing to land, and the captain had no time to warn passengers to strap their seatbelts on before the chaos ensued, according to Metro.

"It lasted for about 10 seconds, the plane was being thrown everywhere," passenger Rostik Rusev reportedly told CNN. “There was blood on the ceiling, people with broken noses, babies who were hurt, it was horrible. It came out of nowhere. It was like driving a car and a tire suddenly bursts."

“The aircraft personnel couldn't have been more professional and courageous,” Rusev added. “They were heroes in everything they were doing."

The plane was carrying a total of 318 passengers and 14 crew members and was flying over Myanmar when the incident occurred.  

According to CNN, 27 passengers sustained injuries, and some of them needed emergency surgery.

“The injured suffered multiple fractures. There are both Russian and foreign citizens among them,” said Vladimir Sosnov, the deputy head of the Russian Consulate in Thailand.

The startling video footage of the incident has gone viral with many offering their support and well wishes to those who endured the horrifying experience.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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