Passengers Stop Bus From Crashing After Driver Suffers A Stroke

A bus driver in China had a stroke mid-trip, and two passengers saved the day by jumping to the wheel and stabilizing the vehicle before stopping it.

Bus driver behind the wheel.

A Chinese bus driver suffered a stroke while driving, prompting two brave passengers to jump in and save the day.

The footage taken from the bus’ security camera showed the driver having a stroke and then collapsing. Thanks to his seat belt, he didn’t fall onto the floor. But because the incident happened so quickly, he was not able to stop the bus.

Noticing the bus slam into a crash barrier, Xie Shangpan, a passenger, decided to intervene.

He quickly rushed to the front of the bus and held onto the steering wheel, along with a second passenger, Wu Yueping, preventing the vehicle from crashing while traveling on a road in East China’s Shandong province.

“I felt the bus hit the crash barrier, so I thought the driver had fallen asleep and wanted to wake him up,” Xie said. “Then I saw the driver completely unconscious, dangling by the air. If not for his seat belt, he would’ve fallen straight onto the floor.”

Xie, 45, told reporters he’s also a bus driver and that this incident happened after the driver had already put in 17 hours of work.

“I was so shocked I couldn’t even make the sounds to call for help. All I wanted to do was steady the steering wheel,” Xie explained.

Thankfully, the two men managed to save the bus full of people.

“We were very lucky there were no other vehicles near us during the minute the bus was out of control,” Xie said.

The driver was rushed to the hospital where he remains.

This terrifying incident proves that strokes can happen anytime, even if the victim doesn’t have any warning signs. Thanks to quick-thinking people like the two passengers who stabilized the bus and brought it to a halt, passengers now have quite the harrowing story to tell.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Pixabay/Hans

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