Pastor Slammed For Shaming Disabled Woman Whose Wheelchair Broke Down

A Kansas City pastor is under fire after uploading a video on Facebook of towing a handicapped woman in a wheelchair.

Pastor Lamond Rushing, of the Faith Worship Family Center, shared a video captioned, “Only in Kansas City. Only in Kansas City. Do y'all see this right here?” had more than 11,000 shares. However, it was soon removed from his Facebook page after people shamed him for posting it.

The video shows a truck driver hitching Becky Kittrell’s wheelchair to a Toyota Tundra and towing it down the street.

Kittrell said that her power wheelchair had broken; she was freezing in the cold and just wanted to get home.

"That's all the thing, I just needed, just somebody to help me. They were nice and they did everything they could do for me and stuff, and I thanked them for doing it for me," she said.

Little did she know that the pastor was filming her and later posted the video on Facebook for thousands of people to see. Kittrell does not have a Facebook account and learned she was an internet sensation through her son.

Disappointed by the act, which she thought had been purely out of kindness, Kittrell said instead of filming, the pastor could have asked if she needed assistance.

“He should have just came and asked me something, if I needed some help or something,” said Kittrell.

Rushing said he only posted the video because he had not seen anything like it before. He said his intention was not to hurt Kittrell.

Rushing said he didn’t notice the cruelty until he read the comments section under his video.

“I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I would never ever intend to try to make fun of her or anything like that,” said Rushing.

Rushing said he did drive back around the block after he filmed the video to check and see if everything was OK.

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