Pastor Says It Was In ‘God’s Plan’ To Get Busted With Gun At Airport

A man who was busted twice for trying to get through airport security with a firearm believes it was a matter of God using him as a learning example.

An Oklahoma pastor was recently caught trying to carry a gun through airport security for the second time.

According to Raw Story, Alvin “Dobie” Weasel was charged with a misdemeanor on Sunday for an incident that occurred on New Year’s Eve when TSA agents discovered a weapon in his carryon bag.

“I had to pay a fine,” Weasel reportedly explained during an interview. “I had to meet with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and do an interview with two officers. I had to do an interview with a Transportation Security Administration officer.”

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According to Weasel, his backpack is, “about 40 pounds and it’s stuffed with everything.

“[I] think what happened was the gun fell in between two of the larger books.”

Prior to New Year’s Eve, Weasel had been caught with a different handgun in the same bag back in 2014.

Needless to say, a serious mistake like this happening twice deserves some kind of punishment.

“If you have a concealed weapon permit, you have an additional responsibility that comes with that permit and that is to at all times know where your weapon is,” said Omaha interim prosecutor Tom Mumgaard.

Weasel believes the reason he didn’t learn to leave his firearm at home after the first time getting caught is a part of “God’s plan” for gun safety.

“[P]erhaps he’s trying to use this so others can learn from my mistake and then perhaps he’s using this to teach me, so that something worse wouldn’t happen,” the pastor said.

It makes perfect sense: God made him forget that he couldn’t bring his gun in his carryon luggage so that TSA would make an example out of him for others to learn from.

Leave it to a pastor to attribute his own blunders to the work of a higher power.

Perhaps his defense would be more reasonable if there was some widespread epidemic happening of people trying to carry their guns on airplanes.

Whether God is responsible or not, Weasel is the only one facing charges. 

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