Lone Store Clerk Brilliantly Outsmarts Two Armed Would-Be Robbers

The armed men didn’t see it coming. As they held the store clerk at gunpoint, he did something that turned the tables on the criminals.

It appears more and more people around the world are coming up with brilliant ways of outsmarting armed robbers these days.

After a New Zealand shop owner successfully thwarted a robbery attempt by completely ignoring the armed perpetrator, a quick-thinking cell phone store clerk in New Jersey managed to turn the tables on two gun-wielding would-be robbers  all on his own.

A CCTV video shows two men entering the shop in Paterson and holding Tomy Torrez at gunpoint.

For a few moments, Torrez does as he is directed but then he tells the men to “check the walls” and take whatever they find.

As the robbers get busy looting the store, the clever clerk sneaks out through a back door and locks the exit as well as the front gate, effectively trapping the criminals inside.

Soon, a crowd of dozens gathers outside the entrance of the store, laughing and jeering at the robbers, who started yelling: "Get us outta here!”



Although Torrez’s timely move locked the robbers for a good 20 minutes, they managed to escape due to the local police’s slow response.

"I called the police several times saying there was a robbery in progress and that there was a man with a gun inside," he told ABC News. "But 30 to 40 minutes passed and there was no police."

By the time the cops arrived, nearly 45 minutes later, the robbers had fled through a back window. "They left the phones, but they got away with about $100 in cash,” Torrez added.

Meanwhile, Paterson Police Department's Internal Affairs Division is investigating the delayed response by the officers.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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