Woman Claims Trooper Groped Her After Pulling Her Over – Twice

The first encounter was recorded and footage of the incident is available but, unfortunately, the second incident is not on record.


A woman has filed a lawsuit against a Highway Patrol trooper and accused him of groping her during a traffic stop in Tennessee.

Patricia Aileen Wilson alleged cop Isaiah Lloyd stopped her while she was driving on the highway for not wearing a seatbelt. He ordered her to come out of her truck and asked her if she was on any prescription drugs.

The woman told her she occasionally takes a sleep aid, Ambian, and denied taking any sort of other drugs.

"I normally have to take it every other night. I don't take any narcotics,” said Wilson.

To that Lloyd replied, “It is a narcotic.”

However, the drug Wilson mentioned is not classified as a narcotic by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Lloyd then asked her to put her hands on his vehicle and began searching her inappropriately. He ran his fingers inside the waistband of her shorts and his hands over her hips. He also asked her if she has any drugs concealed in her bra and ordered her to lift her shirt as well.

The ordeal finally ended and Lloyd let her go after citing her for seatbelt violation. However, the two met three hours later when the trooper once again stopped her near her home.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” he reportedly told Wilson.

Lloyd changed his tone when he figured out there were children in Wilson’s car and said he stopped her because the tint on her car was too dark. He let her go this time without issuing citation.

The first encounter was recorded and footage of the incident is available but unfortunately, the second incident is not on record because according to state prosecutor Jared Effler, the battery in Lloyd’s phone “went dead.”

What is more alarming is that Effler didn’t bring a sexual battery case against the trooper and just said his behavior was “inconsistent with his training.”

Colonel Tracy Trott, deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, also issued a similar statement.

“After careful consideration and review, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Command Staff has advised me that Trooper Isaiah Lloyd conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public,” he said.   

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