When Will Canada Stop Treating Its Veterans Poorly?

Paul Franklin lost his legs while serving his country. Ten years later, he is still denied his rights because his missing limbs apparently aren't enough proof.

While Canadian Master Corporal Paul Franklin was serving as a medic in Afghanistan in 2006, his jeep was blown up by a suicide bomber, resulting in the loss of both his legs.

For the last 10 years, Franklin has gone through multiple procedures, and has had to fill out numerous forms to prove that he is an amputee, but has not been provided any of the benefits he is owed.

In fact, Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) claims that Franklin has not provided sufficient proof. VAC requires vets to go through rigorous procedures to prove their ailments are genuine before they provide any sort of compensation. Franklin says he is tired of going through the necessary procedures multiple times, and all to no avail. He is also concerned about others like him who are unable to provide the detailed paperwork.

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“My problem with all this is if you have someone who has post-traumatic stress disorder or some sort of brain injury, or you have a combination of the two and they’re on street drugs or alcohol or whatever, the chance of them filling out the forms correctly is minimal at best,” Franklin told the Edmonton Journal.

Interestingly, he was even deprived of his wheelchair two years ago, which got taken away when the VAC claimed the documents provided weren’t sufficient to prove his limbs hadn’t grown back, and he still remained legless. Apparently, Franklin is required to submit doctors’ notes on an annual basis, in order to confirm his limb loss.

It is unfortunate that many veterans are made to undergo experiences similar to those of Franklin, where they are deprived of the rights and respect they deserve. Canada has a history of not treating its veterans right, to the extent that the vets even have trouble getting employment once they’ve been wounded in war.

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