Ryan Says Trump Is Wrong About The Khan Family, Yet Still Endorses Him

Even though Trump dragged a veteran family’s reputation through the mud, the Speaker still has the audacity to endorse the unlikely presidential candidate.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s undying loyalty to Donald Trump is becoming disturbing.

In early June, Ryan announced that he’ll vote for Trump. But, on Tuesday, Trump openly refused to endorse Ryan for reelection. According to reports, Trump said he’s “not quite there yet” with endorsing Ryan in the primaries.

The House Speaker apparently turned his cheek. While other top Republicans have suggested a Trump intervention or that they might do the unthinkable and vote for Hillary Clinton, Ryan continues to endorse Trump.

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On Thursday, Ryan admitted to Wisconsin radio station WTAQ that Trump went “beyond the pale” with his attack against the immigrant parents of an army captain, Humayan Khan, who was slain fighting in Iraq. Ryan was among several GOP leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who released statements in which they distanced themselves from Trump’s hateful comments about the Gold Star family.

Ryan said in June that his support for Trump was not “a blank check.” But, did Trump recently cross the line? Ryan told WTAQ, “I don’t know what the line is. But right now, I want to make sure that we win the White House.”

But by turning a blind eye to the GOP candidate’s repeated xenophobia and racism, this in turn tarnishes Ryan’s own reputation as a supporter of such statements.

In the past, Ryan has said that the he would "sue" Trump if he tried to implement a Muslim ban, but can his word be trusted if he still backs him for president?

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