Paul Ryan Stoops To New Low With Cringe-Worthy Border Wall Commercial

House Speaker Paul Ryan released a commercial in which he expresses support for President Donald Trump's proposed controversial wall along the Mexican border.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has officially stooped as low as he could possibly go to appease America’s disastrous president, Donald Trump.

Trump has faced pushback on each and every one of his campaign promises, including the ridiculous wall he wants to build along the border between Mexico and the United States.

Despite rejecting the wall in the past, Ryan is now on board and even participated in an ad to boost support for the wall’s construction that he shared on Twitter.

Apparently, after spending time with border patrol agents — as clips from the commercial depict — Ryan determined that the wall is necessary after all. In his post, he asked his followers to "retweet" if they agree that “It is time for The Wall.”

Naturally, Ryan did not receive a positive response. The Twittersphere wasted no time calling Ryan out for this spineless flip-flop and self-serving approach to politics.

Even with Ryan’s cheesy and uninspiring ad circulating through cyberspace, the almost $2 billion wall stands to face defeat in the Senate where it will need at least 60 votes to pass, as Alternet notes.

However, this commercial proves that Ryan has clearly lost whatever fragment of a backbone he ever had, leaving the world wondering: Has he no shame? 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Heather Reed/Office of the Speaker of the House

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