Paul Ryan Tweets About A Tax Payer’s Paltry $1.50 Weekly Paycheck Hike

“Julia Ketchum … saw her paycheck increase $78 a year — enough to cover the cost of her yearly Costco membership,” Ryan retweeted.



Just when you think Paul Ryan can't get any more delusional, he goes and proves you wrong.

The speaker of the House tweeted a link to an Associated Press report claiming how the GOP tax bill, which was passed in December, is already starting to reap benefits for the American public. To prove his point, Ryan highlighted a section of the story that read, “Julia Ketchum, a Pennsylvania high school secretary, saw her paycheck increase $78 a year — enough to cover the cost of her yearly Costco membership.”

However, soon after, Ryan deleted the post — presumably because of comments like these:











It’s no wonder critics believe he is out-of-touch with reality. A basic Costco membership costs $60 a year but $1.50 a week is hardly what most would call a significant wage hike — in fact, it is positively negligible, in light of the fact the wealthiest 1 percent of America will receive an average pay cut of $51,000, according to the Tax Policy Center. That’s around 650 times more than Julia Ketchum is getting.

Wage inequality is on a rampant rise in the United States and recent reports suggest most Americans can’t even afford to save $1,000 for emergencies. In fact, most Americans depend on their paychecks to get them through the immediate days and cannot access adequate social services — something that is available in other equally developed countries.

Because of the recent tax reforms, Americans will receive small tax cuts; however, the lion’s share of the cuts will go to major corporations. The national deficit is also expected to rise to $1.4 trillion — and Ryan and his allies will compensate it by cutting down on vital services like food stamps, which millions of Americans use to survive. As for Ryan himself, he recently took a $500,000 check from conservative funder and billionaire Charles Koch.

Ryan’s tweet is the most recent indication that Trump and his allies are becoming more delusional than ever and are taking pride in punishing average American people and calling it fair means for the cause of a greater America.

Ryan’s words also highlight the fact that tax bill is disproportionately beneficial to rich people — and that will further widen the income disparity.

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