Paul Ryan's Hidden Message To Trump About 'Ugliness' In Politics

House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered a speech Wednesday in which he scorned the current state of American politics and the divisive presidential race taking place.

House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered a speech to about 200 congressional interns during which he condemned the current disgraceful state of American politics, particularly within the GOP establishment, and slammed Donald Trump without ever having to say his name.

“Looking around at what’s taking place in politics today, it is easy to get disheartened,” Ryan said. “How many of you find yourself shaking your head at what you see from both sides of the aisle these days?”

“It did not used to be this bad,” he said.

As Trump has been inching his way closer to becoming the Republican presidential nominee, Ryan has found himself speaking out against him on more than one occasion — such as when Trump refused to disavow KKK leader David Duke.

Despite the fact that Ryan has made it clear he doesn’t agree with Trump’s politics and campaign strategies, he has admitted that he would cast a vote “for the Republican nominee” which is likely to be Trump.

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Ryan’s approach to this election has been controversial as he appears to be straddling the fence by essentially denouncing Trump and offering his support at the same time.

He has been mocked relentlessly for his teeter-totter stance on Trump. A senior adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid actually said it would be “moral cowardice” if Ryan refuses to reject a Trump nomination, according to The Washington Post.

Ryan now appears to be getting more and more fed up with Trump’s antics as he strongly criticized his use of fear-mongering during his speech today.

“All of us as leaders can hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and decency. Instead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations.”

In a “confident America,” Ryan said, “we don’t resort to scaring you, we dare to inspire you. We don’t just oppose someone or something. We propose a clear and compelling alternative.”

“In a confident America, we also have a basic faith in one another. We question each other’s ideas—vigorously—but we don’t question each other’s motives,” he added.

While Ryan’s attempt to be neutral throughout the presidential race has made him appear inconsistent and a bit cowardly, his speech today definitely hit the mark.

Ryan said, “This has always been a tough business and when passions flare ugliness is sometimes inevitable, but we shouldn’t accept ugliness as the norm.”

Trump's tactics including; playing on voters’ fears, promoting hate and violence, attacking opponents’ personal lives and families and threatening to commit war crimes as president represent the “ugliness” Ryan refers to.

Regardless of party affiliation, that type of behavior is simply not exemplary of a candidate worthy to lead the United States.

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