White Man Racially Abuses Black Woman For Parking Bike Near His Home

“All I did was pull over my motorcycle to park and this man went crazy asking me why am I in his neighborhood,” the woman wrote on Facebook.


A white man was caught on camera racially abusing an African-American woman who pulled over her motorcycle near his house in Boston, Massachusetts.

The motorcyclist, NeNe Judge'Mayo, was riding her bike with her husband when she saw a roadblock at the corner of the street. Traffic had been suspended on the street by the police after an incident took place in which a pedestrian was hit by a man.

The two then pulled over to figure out why the traffic was stopped and to find a way out. That is when a white man, 54-year-old Paul Sheehan, approached them and went on a racist tirade.

Judge'Mayo began recording the man and later uploaded the clip on Facebook.

“All I did was pull over my motorcycle to park and this man went crazy asking me why am I in his neighborhood. He was even more mad I was on a motorcycle. I think I had a case of racist profiling #SHARE it maybe one of his co workers will see it! This was at the corner of Adams St and Chelmsford st in Dorchester. You would of thought I was outside my neighborhood,” she wrote.

In the video, Sheehan can be seen screaming at the woman, “Don't bring this f**king s**t into my neighborhood!”

“You don't know me,” replied the woman.

The man, then, repeatedly asked her if she lived here and screamed he lived there and it was his neighborhood.

“I'll f**king knock you out,” he yelled.

Judge'Mayo then told Sheehan it was her bike and she can ride it anywhere she wanted. However, the man refused to listen and kept screaming.

“We just had a f**king shooting up there. I don't want this f**king s**t in my neighborhood,” he shouted while pointing towards the street.

At one point the man also reportedly called the couple animals and shouted the n-word.

A police officer then came in between but Sheehan insisted he ask the woman if this was her neighborhood. The cop told the man to move back and said it was none of his business where she lived.

After that,the officer followed Sheehan and made sure he was out of the scene.

The couple waited until the police officer came back and explained how the entire incident unfolded. On the other hand, Sheehan was arrested for disorderly conduct but was later released on personal recognizance.

He will now appear in Dorchester District Court in October.



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