#DefineAboriginal Paints Tragic Picture Of Segregation And Racism

Australian politician Pauline Hanson sparked a social media movement when she opined there is no proper way to define aboriginals.

Pauline Hanson, an Australian far-right politician, landed herself in hot water after she made an ignorant, offensive remark about aboriginals.


“What defines an aboriginal?” she said to Sky New host Andrew Bolt.

“If you marry an aboriginal, you can be classified as an aboriginal. Or if the community or the elders accept you into that community, you can be defined as an aboriginal,” Hanson continued. "I think the whole lot needs to be opened up, a big debate on this, and to say that you're humiliated or intimidated. I think that people need to toughen up a bit, I think we've all become so precious, we've stopped freedom of speech to have a say, to have an opinion. And I remember when I was a kid, sticks and stones may break your bones.”

Although her comments were racist and demeaning toward the aboriginal community, Twitter users took to the social media site to educate Hanson about what it means to be aboriginal.

It started when Ryan Griffen, the creator of ABC TV's indigenous Australian superhero series “Cleverman,” responded to Hanson’s comments.


He requested Twitter users to start a hashtag #DefineAboriginal to address the cause.


And here’s how people responded…








Interestingly, this is the second time in the last few weeks that Hanson has said something that really reflects on her ignorance.

A few days ago, she, along with other One Nation senators, dressed in wetsuits and snorkels for a tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Hanson cleverly visited a healthy section of the reef after which she labeled claims of climate change activists and scientists as “lies.”

"If you actually go deeper, 12-20 meters deeper in the ocean, the reefs there are in pristine condition," she said. "We can't have these lies put across by people with their own agendas."

However, she was widely criticized for her ignorance as Australian Marine Conservation Society's Imogen Zethoven said One Nation is in denial about the Great Barrier Reef’s health.

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