Couple Stranded On A Steep Cliff Credit A Selfie For Their Rescue

The quick-thinking couple was walking in the Peak District when they climbed up a steep bank and got stuck at the top.

Over the past couple of years, selfies have frequently been a major reason of fatal, or potentially fatal, accidents across the world.

The situation deteriorated to the extent that Russian police launched a campaign last year, urging people to take precautionary measures while clicking self-portraits with their smartphones. Authorities in Mumbai, India, imposed no-selfie zones, following a string of incidents that made the Southeast Asian country a world leader in deaths by selfie.

In fact, it was reported that more people died in 2015 while trying to taking a selfie than from shark attacks.

However, for one couple in Derbyshire, England, their selfie rescued them from what could’ve been a potentially dangerous situation.

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The unnamed pair, believed to be in their 20s, were walking in the Peak District, an upland area, when they got stuck near the top of Winnats Pass, a place described as "a steep-sided valley, three-quarters of a mile long with lots of caves.”

But instead of panicking, the quick-thinking couple sent a selfie of their location to rescue authorities. In response, six members of the Edale Mountain Rescue staff were dispatched to save the pair.

"They had described the location very well, and then one said: 'I've got an idea, I'll send you a picture as well', saying they were in a shadow cave in the background of the picture," Duty leader and medical officer Steve Rowe told BBC.

"They had also sent a Whatsapp message with the location so that allowed us to get straight to where we needed to be."

Rowe said the couple’s case was the first "selfie rescue" he had come across in 15 years of service.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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