Pearl Jam Gets Slammed Over Poster Of Burning White House

Right-wing fans are angry at the grunge rock band over the controversial concert poster and endorsing Democrat Sen. Jon Tester.

Rock band Pearl Jam is facing severe criticism for its latest concert poster that shows a burning White House along with a skeleton, which looks remarkably like President Donald Trump, being picked at by a bald eagle.

The entire scenario is drawn between two gigantic letters “P” and “J,” which stands for Pearl Jam, while the Trump-like body appears to be lying near briefcase with a Soviet hammer and sickle.

Artist Bobby Brown, also known as Bobby Draws Skullz, designed the controversial poster along with band’s bassist Jeff Ament, who posted the draft of the poster on social media with a note underneath.

“Y'all know the deal. We're at a tipping point, and it's time for action,” read the note.

The rock band was trying to promote their concert in Montana, which was a fundraiser for Democrat Sen. Jon Tester’s re-election campaign.

“Jon Tester is the real deal. Nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana,” said the note further.

The “rock2vote” concert aims to encourage its audience, especially young voters, to vote responsibly and support Tester who is running from Montana, which is also  Ament’s home state.

Meanwhile, the outrage from Republicans was huge, as most of them called for a boycott of the concert.

 Tester’s opponent Matt Rosendale, who happens to be a Republican candidate, took to Twitter to condemn the poster and asked the Democrat Senator to call out this “act of violence and blatant display of extremism.”


Fans also called the artwork out on Twitter, with many defending the band.

Some users even compared the poster to many Trump scandals to make it sound less “disgusting” than a lot of his own actions.


Fans who were offended by the Trump-like skeleton on didn’t stay back from denouncing the band.

The photo draft posted on Facebook gathered a lot of hate and outrage in the comments section.

“You know I absolutely love you guys but this artwork really disappointed. I didn't know that you would stoop that low. I'm not burning CDs, but you guys should really think about how your actions affect your fans. I think President Trump is doing a far better job than his critics give him credit for,” said one user.

“What a shame. You just alienated a fat portion of your fans. There's nothing patriotic about depicting a burning white house and a dead president. Fucking disgusting,” said another Trump supporter.




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