Pence Laughs At The Idea That Trump Will Gain 95% Of Black Vote

Mike Pence couldn’t hold back a chuckle when asked about Donald Trump’s overzealous prediction to gain 95 percent of the black vote by 2020.

Donald Trump’s vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence showed us that even he thinks Trump’s declaration that he will obtain 95 percent of the black vote by 2020 is overly ambitious.

During an interview with Fox News that aired Monday morning, host Ainsley Earhardt brought up how, “Donald Trump is telling the African-American community ‘I am the guy for you,’ and he says by 2020 he’s going to have 95 percent of the African-American support.”

In response, the Indiana Gov. let out a hearty chuckle, which led Earhardt to ask why he was laughing. Pence quickly tried to create a lighthearted excuse for why his running mate’s comments were laughable:

“Well, that’s Donald Trump. Look, he has a heart for every American. And also he’s a truth teller. He speaks the truth. It’s been the failed policies of Democratic politicians that have harmed people living in the cities in this country now for generations. And it’s had special impact on the African-American community. [A]nd his optimistic view about 2020 when he’s running for re-election, that’s pure Donald Trump.”

According to The Hill, Pence even went a bit further and suggested that Trump really is capable of increasing his base of black supporters, although, he didn’t necessarily back Trump’s prediction of gaining a whopping 95 percent.

“We’re going to deliver for every American and when the American people, including African-Americans in this country, see the new jobs, the new opportunities, the new educational choices that they will have under a Trump administration, I have no doubt in my mind that that support is gonna grow.”

The giant leap in black support that Trump anticipates is unforeseeable considering that he has been polling as low as 0 percent and 1 percent among black voters along the campaign trail, according to Politico.

This knowledge alone is enough to make anyone laugh at the claim that such a drastic change will occur in four years. Furthermore, his appeal to them was insulting, at best. 

Speaking about black communities in front of a predominately white audience, Trump said, “You're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

Making the black population sound like hopeless second-class citizens among a bunch of white people is probably not the way to their hearts. 

When Pence said “Well, that’s Donald Trump,” it was likely code for: “Yeah, he’s full of it, but would you expect anything different?” 

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