8th-Graders Hurl Racial Slurs And Rocks At Black Cheerleaders

“My heart is broken. Fortunately, it’s just a few children and I say children middle school students, but they embarrassed me,” lamented the school’s superintendent.

In yet another racially motivated incident, two eighth-graders from a Pennsylvania school district brought a bad name to their institution after throwing rocks and hurling racial slurs at a Cheltenham High School bus, which was carrying black cheerleaders, after it arrived in Quakertown for a homecoming game.

Almost half of the student population at Cheltenham High is black.

“Our cheerleaders and members of our band were insulted, using racial terms — the most divisive racial terms you can use,” Cheltenham Superintendent Dr. Wagner Marseille said, adding the students accused of racial abuse also used the n-word.

After an active investigation, where a dozen middle school students were interviewed, two eighth-graders involved in the disturbing incident were suspended.

“My heart is broken. Fortunately, it’s just a few children — and I say children, middle school students — but they embarrassed me, they embarrassed our school board and our community,” lamented Quackertown superintendent Dr. William Harner.

Similarly racially charged incidents have become more common in the country over the past year, especially in schools and colleges where students of color were targeted by their white classmates.

Just last month, a group of white teenagers allegedly tied a rope around a black boy’s neck and pushed him off a table, effectively lynching him, in Claremont, New Hampshire. He was later flown by a medevac to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, where he was treated for cuts and burns on his neck.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Carlo Allegri

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