Senator Has No Idea What Planned Parenthood Does, Wants To Defund It

A Pennsylvania state senator is pushing forward a bill defunding Planned Parenthood, but apparently, he has no idea what the organization does.

Pennsylvania State Senator John Eichelberger is pushing forward Senate Bill 300 that would cut off Planned Parenthood funding and deprive tens of thousands of women of their rights.

However, he has no idea what the organization even does. During a hearing, the senator admitted that he does not know what services Planned Parenthood provides people.

“Sen. Eichelberger, do you still know which services Planned Parenthood provides? Inside the committee hearing you did not know what services they provided,” asked a male reporter.

“No, we were talking about what they provide with sex-ed or something like that. That was the question. And I don’t know what they provide exactly with that based on, in comparison to what other services provided are from the other providers. They all provide some kind of sexual education services, I’m sure, what level service that is, who does a better job than another, I don’t know, what their agenda is when they provide that service, I don’t know,” Eichelberger responded.

Right before that he had told a female reporter asking him questions about his bill, “All right, I’m done with you.”

It is absurd that the senator who has no idea what an organization does actually wants to cut funding for it. For the record, Planned Parenthood provides millions of women with access to health care. It not only assists them with information on various issues like abortion, cancer, body image, sexual orientation, contraceptives and the likes, but also helps them access these facilities to ensure better health.

Perhaps Eichelberger should read up on information from Planned Parenthood's website before pushing a political agenda to harm the organization, when he has no idea what it does or who it helps.

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