Toomey’s Staffers Don’t Want To Hear About Women’s Reproductive Cycles

When a constituent told him she'd love to call back every day to talk to Sen. Toomey about her reproductive system and her period, the staffer warned her not to be “graphic.”

Pennsylvania Senator Pat

U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania Pat Toomey wants to repeal and replace Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. But when a concerned citizen phoned his office, she was rebuffed after a male staffer said she was being “too graphic.”

Nina Starner, 26, of Philadelphia called the Republican’s office and asked the staffer who picked up the phone about Toomey’s plan for the healthcare reforms.

The woman started by asking about the Affordable Care Act but the staffer was reluctant to divulge any specifics about how Toomey or other GOP members wanted to replace Obamacare. She then shifted their conversation to Planned Parenthood — the health organization that provides birth control, abortion and other reproductive services and which congressional Republicans want to strip off its $400 million in annuals funds.

During the conversation, the staffer got irritable and asked to take down her name and ZIP code, which Starner gave him. According to Philly Voice, Starner then told him “she'd love to call back every day to talk to Toomey about her reproductive system and her period.”

That’s when the staffer warned her not to “be so graphic.” Angry now, Starner said the office “should understand workings of reproductive systems since they're legislating on them.” However, once again, the man told her “no need to be graphic” before lecturing her and hanging up the phone.

Starner asserts that even if she did come off as frustrated, she was only exercising her right.

“I am one of his constituents; it's my right to voice my dissent, especially since I didn't vote for Sen. Toomey,” she said. “I feel I have the right to go to a staffer in a frustrated tone of voice.”

This isn’t the first time one of the Pennsylvanian senator’s staffers became unpleasant during a call. Another woman reported she had a frustrating exchange with one of the staffers after she called in November to address Toomey’s non-existent disapproval of Steve Bannon.

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