People Are Suspicious Of Viral Video Of Black Man In Horse Trailer

One woman began recording the man inside the trailer who appeared to be surrounded by horses and had his hands on a screen window as he gazed out of it.

Last week, women driving on a Pennsylvania highway noticed a bizarre sight involving a black man riding inside of a horse trailer.

One of the women began recording the man who appeared to be surrounded by horses and had his hands on a screen window as he gazed out of it.

At one point, the woman panned the camera over to the driver of the trailer who responded by flipping up his middle finger.

“I need answers. This was filmed in NY, but the trailer has NJ plates. Something’s off. So many peculiar things going on here,” activist and journalist Shaun King wrote on Twitter while sharing the unsettling clip.

One Twitter user named Kristin Iden responded to King’s tweet with a possible explanation, but she still pointed out that the window the man is looking out of seems strange.

The woman who captured the clip posted updates about the ordeal on Instagram using the handle, “sommealien.”

“I called about three different police stations to find out if they tracked down the trailer,” she wrote. “After numerous phone transfers, I was told that there was indeed no sign of the truck found on the I-84 interstate. VERY STRIKING considering the fact that prior to the incident, I witnessed several cop cars patrolling the highway. However, I was told that they would ‘BE ON THE LOOKOUT’ for it.”

She added: “I’ll continue to follow up with them for any new information. But if anyone knows anything or anyone that can help, DM me. TAG everyone that would be able to push this to any media outlet. Share. Repost. GO!”

One commenter responded to the woman’s post with a similar reasoning as Iden's:

“… In the horse world (esp. racing) this isn’t abnormal. It’s obviously strange now days but it used to be that an important horse went nowhere without a groom in the box (trailer) and particularly because this is an older black gentleman, I’m guessing that he is just keeping up an old tradition. The thing is locked because well, He’s back there taking care of the horses and nobody else needs to be in there. Those people driving are probably a transport company, and he belongs with the horses. So it’s likely that even the drivers are unwelcome to interact with the horses. Yes it’s weird, yes it’s dangerous, and nobody really does it anymore, but it’s not trafficking …though on a side note good for you for you for noticing something out of the norm, because if it were an issue it didn’t go unnoticed.”

In addition to people trying to find answers to explain the situation the woman witnessed, she received criticism from people who felt she went to the extreme by suggesting the situation was human trafficking and others on the opposite end of the spectrum who believe she didn’t do enough to figure out what was going on.

She posted another update to her profile addressing those commenters, requesting that they refrain from making “assumptions and accusations” in the caption.

It's very clear that the woman was just trying to be a good Samaritan after seeing something alarming. For those who believe that she made something out of nothing, one could argue that this situation was much more worthy of a 911 call than many of the recent incidents in which so-called concerned white citizens have arbitrarily alerted the authorities.     

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, BarnetEngineer

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