People Across Europe Defy The French Burkini Ban

Apparently, wearing a wetsuit at the beach is OK, but wearing a burkini, which looks just the same, is an affront to French humanity.

Women in London threw a “breach part” outside the French embassy to stand up against the burkini ban.

Dressed in their bikinis, accompanied by other Muslims and non-Muslims wearing burkinis, the women held up placards and posters that read “Wear what you want”, “Islamophobia is not freedom” and “Hey Misters, Hands off my sister.”

Interestingly, these protestors are’nt the only ones speaking out against the bizarre new ruling on beach attire for Muslims.

Ever since the burkini ban has been imposed, a rise in the demand for the swimwear has been evident amongst both muslims and non-Muslims.

“I’m horrified that some women are being forbidden from wearing what their conscience dictates,” one  British woman at the beach party said.

While two French bikers wore burkinis and lay on a beach calling their attire a “motokini” others took to social media to express how crazy the ban is.




The inventor of the burkini Aheda Zanetti says 40 percent of her customers are non-Muslims.

“This is a swimsuit that represents freedom and sun and surf and happiness and swimming and leisure, family happiness,” she said claiming that she invented the burkini to “give women freedom” not take it away. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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