Americans Find Nickelback And The DMV More Popular Than Trump

Turns out, Trump is hated more than the most terrible things in America.


It’s true than Donald Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings of any presidential candidate in history, but the extent to which Americans loathe him really becomes clear in a new poll released by Public Policy Polling.

According to the PPP poll, Trump is somehow more hated than the band Nickelback, the DMV, root canals, jury duty, and lice.

The few things Trump was able to beat out were hemorrhoids and cockroaches.

This does not indicate a good run for Trump in the general election, considering he has about a 65 percent unfavorable rating and is apparently more hated than some of America’s worst fears.

Other interesting statistics found in the PPP poll include the fact that 65 percent of Trump’s supporters believe President Obama is a Muslim, 24 percent think Antonin Scalia was murdered, and 27 percent believe vaccines cause autism.

Trump’s supporters are clearly not the most educated group, which he has alluded to before: “I love the poorly educated.”

The one conspiracy theory Trump supporters were quick to reject was Ted Cruz as the Zodiac Killer—only 5 percent of his voters believed in that theory, so, as PPP puts it, “at least he has that going for him.”

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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