How To End Anti-Muslim Bigotry? "See Something, Say Something"

People for the American Way is calling for you to take a stand against anti-Muslim bigotry and challenge anything that you believe to be wrong.

A video campaign introduced by the nonprofit People for the American Way, a campaign working toward equal rights, is encouraging viewers to pledge that when they see anti-Muslim bigotry, they will stand up against it and challenge people who assume that Muslims are terrorists because it is not the American way.  

The campaign comes at a time when Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have repeatedly proposed harsh measures against Muslims. While Trump stated that Muslims should be banned entry into the U.S., Cruz came up with the idea the of law enforcement agencies monitoring Muslim neighborhoods to prevent them from radicalization.

The 49-second clip called “See Something, Say Something,” features various scenarios where people intervene in conversations overheard to challenge hateful comments made against Muslims. It goes on to remind people that when they see something wrong, it is their moral and ethical duty to say something about it.

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"Attacks based on a person's faith should never be tolerated in America, no matter if it's coming from presidential candidates, coworkers or friends," said Michael Keegan, the president of People for the American Way.

"Anti-Islam bigotry doesn't just fly in the face of fundamental American values; it leads to real violence against Muslim Americans and immigrants. Every one of us has a responsibility to speak up against bigotry, and our campaign calls on Americans to pledge to do just that,” he added.

Hopefully, this campaign will help people realize that assumption cannot be made against an entire community, faith, or sect. People need to understand that in every religion, cast and culture, a bunch of extremists will always exist, but that certainly does not mean every individual belonging to the community must be labeled the same.

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