Apparently, Mutilating Children Brings Luck To Uganda’s Politicians

Children are literally sacrificed during Uganda's elections to bring luck to soulless politicians. Worse, nothing has been done about it.

Six cases of mutilation and murder have been reported in Kampala, Uganda, where children were sacrificed as signs of “good luck” during the Uganda elections.  

In 2015 alone, seven child and six adult sacrifice cases had been recorded, whereas in 2014 there were nine child and four such adult cases, according to Moses Binoga, coordinator of anti-trafficking task force at the interior ministry. During the election period, children and adults would often go missing, after which their mutilated bodies were found, some with hearts or livers ripped out. In two cases reported last year the victims' heads were missing, he added.

"Child sacrifice cases are common during election time as some people believe blood sacrifices will bring wealth and power," said Shelin Kasozi of Kyampisi Childcare Ministries, a charity that cares for survivors of attempted child sacrifice.

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Interestingly, none of the cases registered have been settled in court and in fact last year the United Nations reported that attacks on albino people in Africa were rising. Apparently, politicians believe that their body parts could bring them good luck in the elections.

It is outrageous that political candidates actually think that killing people and severing their body parts will turn things in their favor. More astounding is the fact that authorities are taking no action against this practice, and it continues year after year.

Some action must be taken in order to protect the lives of these poor people and keep them safe from the merciless claws of power hungry politicians. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/James Akena

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