People Respond Perfectly To Trump Shutting Down White House Phone Line

President Donald Trump won’t reopen a White House phone line where citizens were able to call and leave comments, so people are calling his hotels instead.

Donald Trump’s presidency has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least.

He is shamelessly throwing his weight around and flipping one tiny middle finger to democracy.

In just the first week of his presidency, Trump wasted no time signing executive orders to restrict women’s reproductive rights and move forward with the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

He also placed a gag order on federal agencies in an effort to regulate the information being shared with the public, and he fired seasoned senior management officials in the State Department.

One of his latest stunts includes shutting down a White House phone line where citizens have previously been able to call and leave comments for the president.

In the past, staffers would screen the calls, categorize them, and decide what to pass along to the commander in chief, Mashable reports.

The lines were temporarily shut down during the transition process between former President Barack Obama and Trump; however, the new POTUS has yet to reopen them.

Callers are now greeted with a recording that directs them to send a Facebook message to the White House or leave comments in an online web form.

People have decided that if they can’t reach Trump through the White House, they’ll reach him through his other properties — that he has yet to cut ties with.

White House Inc. is an effort that allows users to submit their phone numbers anonymously and get connected to one of Trump’s properties.

“By not divesting himself from his businesses, he’s actually creating satellite White Houses all over the world. That means we have dozens of phone numbers we can use to reach the president and discuss the issues that matter most,” the White House Inc. homepage reads.

Although calling Trump’s hotels will create a burden for the service employees who have nothing to do with his politics, users are hoping that the influx of callers expressing discontent will send an important message reminding the president that he vowed to listen to the people, and Americans are cashing in on that promise. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: White House: Wikimedia Commons, Ad Meskens/ Trump Dotel D.C. : Flickr, Ted Eytan

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