Crowd Of People Do Nothing But Film As Bullies Attack 12-Year-Old

A crowd of people did absolutely nothing except pull out their phones and record while a 12-year-old girl was brutally beaten by a mob of violent bullies.

Here's a lesson on what not to do when you see someone being physically bullied. A large group of people stood and video-taped as a 12-year-old girl was beaten by a group of older individuals.  

Instead of jumping in and helping the young girl, a group of onlookers stood and filmed as the girl was struck in the head, pushed to the ground, and kicked, all while doing nothing to intervene. 

The large crowd can even be heard gasping in shock as a man wearing jeans and a red top approaches the girl to stomp on her head with his feet, yet no one steps in to stop him. 

The 12-year-old's aunt obtained the video, which she posted on social media.

"Please name and shame," she wrote. "My 12-year-old niece was brutally assaulted last night. She was kicked in the head multiple times whilst on the ground by at least four of them. Lads also joined in kicking and punching this small girl. It was a vicious mob mentality and she could have died. Absolute animals. She is currently in A&E. It was unacceptable and disgusting behavior."

The girl was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries, although she did post on social media that she was "fine" regardless of her injuries. 

For a group of people to allow a girl, clearly incapable of defending herself, to continue to be assaulted without coming to her aid, is simply pathetic. Regardless of the reasons for the fight getting started, allowing someone to be brutally attacked while filming it shows a complete lack of a moral compass.

If any of the bystanders ever find themselves in the position of the 12-year-old, they would hope for someone to help them. It's something they will hopefully keep in mind the next time they need to lend a happy hand. 

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