Lessons For Trump: Well-Wishers Flock To Capt. Khan’s Gravesite

Moved by Khizr Khan’s passionate tribute to his son, lots of visitors are stopping by Capt. Humayun Khan’s grave in Arlington Cemetery to pay their respects.

Donald Trump mocking the family of a fallen soldier doesn’t represent America.

Donald Trump shamelessly comparing his business investments to the sacrifices made by war heroes doesn’t represent America.

Donald Trump making light of a Purple Heart from veteran doesn’t represent America.

However, dozens of people flocking to Arlington National Cemetery every day to pay their respects to an American-Muslim soldier definitely represents the true spirit of America — an America where people put aside their differences of race, color and religion to support those who gave up their lives while defending the country.

“They had so many people come up and see his grave, different races, it was just a stream of people,” visitor Brian Butler told WJLA.

“A few nights ago when I saw Mr. Khan speak on TV, we were very very moved and I can hardly think about it without getting a lump in my throat,” Doug Sprei, another well-wisher, added.

The Republican presidential nominee first attacked Khizr Khan, father of Captain Humayun Khan who died saving his fellow soldiers during the Iraq War, in response to his passionate speech at the Democratic National Convention.

But contrary to the hostile atmosphere the media mogul created by his words, more and more people have started stopping by the slain war hero’s gravesite to express solidarity with his family, leaving flowers, gifts and notes for the bereaved parents.

“I just wanted to see and pay my respects to an American hero,” Jake Dowell, a visitor, told The Washington Post, calling it “a representation of what it means to be an American.”

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