7 People Who Bear Striking Resemblance To Bernie Sanders

While it’s not that difficult to find old white men who look like the Vermont senator, here a few look-alikes that will definitely make you do a double take.

Social democrat and honorary woman Bernie Sanders may not be the Democratic front-runner, but he has certainly cemented his position as the millennials’ favorite presidential candidate in the weirdest elections in the country’s history.

The independent Vermont senator, who recently told billionaires to “f*** off” during a campaign rally in Indiana, has captivated the youth with his blunt comments on Wall Street, racism, student loans and his opponent Hillary Clinton. He is also the one responsible for bringing more youngsters to the polling booth.

The 74-year-old, with his eccentric style and messy hair, probably reminds most people of their grandpa, but there’s more to his personality than just being a balding, old white man.

Here are some Sanders look-alikes that would definitely make you do a double take.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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