7 People Who Look Exactly Like Ted Cruz

The Republican presidential candidate bears uncanny resemblance to various celebrities, fictional and animated characters.

A woman sharing a striking similarity with Ted Cruz, and aptly dubbed as the Texas senator’s “twin sis,” prompted internet frenzy this week after making an appearance on the "Maury" talk show.

Identified only by her first name, Searcy appeared on the high-drama tabloid TV show in hopes to find her son's father, but ended up becoming a viral meme after a Reddit account spread a screenshot from the episode online.



While Searcy’s social life will probably never be the same again, she is hardly the first person to be identified as a Cruz doppelganger. Actually, the Republican presidential candidate bears striking resemblance to a lot of people — both fictional and real.

Watch the video above to check out seven celebrities and characters who look exactly like Ted Cruz.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

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