This White Man Shot A Cop. He Is Now Safe And Secure In Police Custody

Had it been an African-American man instead of Perry Bagget, police would have handled the case very differently.


A man, who shot a police officer in Houston County, Georgia during a domestic dispute, was not shot by police and was taken into custody alive – because he is white.

Perry Bagget, 45, reportedly opened fire on Houston County Officer Jeremy Mashuga after officers responded to a 911 call by neighbor who reported a couple’s argument. As the officers arrived at the location, Bagget came out of his house and fired shots.

Soon after the shooting, Bagget barricaded himself in a home. He was later taken into custody and was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Mashuga suffered a shot in his abdomen and was immediately taken to a hospital where he underwent a surgery.

Bagget was taken into custody after hours-long standoff. Officers surrounded the home he was hiding in and later found him hiding in the attic.

Houston County sheriff's Capt. Jon Holland said, “We'll take as much time as we can to resolve it peacefully, if we can.”

The fact that police waited for hours before taking the suspect into custody and then arrested him alive is downright hypocritical. Had it been an African-American man instead of Bagget, police would have handled the case very differently.

Police officers in the United States have long been shooting black people who have not even committed a crime. In most of the cases the innocent people end up losing their lives.

In March, 2018 South Sacramento, California, responded to reports of a man breaking into vehicles by fatally shooting an unarmed black man who was standing in his own backyard after police mistook him for carrying a gun.

The only thing he had was his cell phone.

The victim, 22-year-old Stephon Clark, was an African-American father of two, who was living with his siblings and grandparents.

In another incident, Police in Salt Lake City, Utah, fatally shot a black man from behind as he tried to flee from them.

Patrick Harmon, 50, was reportedly pulled over by Officer Kris Smith because he was riding a bicycle without a light. The video shows officers asking him to remove his backpack. As he took his bag off, the cops asked him to turn around and put his arms around his back.

However, as the officers tried to arrest him, Harmon attempted to escape. That is when officer Clinton Fox fired three bullets at him, before shouting, “I’ll fucking shoot you!”

Harmon died on the spot.



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