Woman Miraculously Escapes Raging Mudslide In Peru

Unusually heavy rainfall has killed at least 48 people in Peru, leaving several homeless. It’s a miracle how this woman managed to escape a mudslide.

Peru Floods

Severe flooding in Peru caused by unusual rainfall has left many people homeless and claimed several lives. According to the reports, at least 48 people were killed and more than half a million displaced.

Rescue teams are actively helping the stranded people, but the government has been criticized for not investing enough money for disaster prevention.

A coastal Nino, when sea winds slow and the ocean warms up, is blamed for the massive flooding.

Peru’s northern state, Piura, was devastated after the Piura River overflowed and collapsed the drainage systems. Around 12,000 people are homeless after this incident, and the people living downstream are still in danger.

The desert city of Lima, which is Peru’s capital, has almost never seen rain, and also flooded violently with mudslides and flood waters. But in the midst of all the chaos and mayhem caused by severe flooding in the country, a miracle took place: A woman from the Punta Hermosa in the Lima province clawed her way out of a mudslide. 

Stunned bystanders cheered when they saw a woman struggle out of a raging mudslide. Evangelina Chamorro Diaz was feeding her pigs with her husband after dropping her two daughters at school when a landslide pulled them in.

Chamorro's husband, Armando Rivera, explained the couple climbed a tree but the trunk broke. They held each other's hands but the 32-year-old lost her grip and got swept away.

Trapped in the water, Chamarro had no choice but to brave the ordeal herself.

And she did.

She appeared near a bridge after getting caught in the mudslide, lifting herself from several wooden planks and walking toward the shore, shaken. Upon reaching the land, she collapsed and men at the location quickly helped her to an ambulance. She sustained minor injuries and said that grabbing debris helped her survive.

A state of emergency has been declared across 750 districts. All the schools have suspended classes.

The government estimates a cost of around $250 million for clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

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