Passengers Miraculously Escape As Plane Bursts Into Flames On Runway

A Peruvian airlines plane carrying 141 passengers burst into flames during a forced landing, after it skidded off the runway.

A Peruvian airlines flight, 9110 traveling from Lima went up in flames and smoke at Francisco Carle Airport in Jauja after it skidded off the runway.

A video that emerged of the incident shows a trail of fire extending several meters from the back of the plane. Fortunately, all 141 passengers on board managed to escape without any “considerable injuries” as they were evacuated in time. Firefighters in no time appeared on the scene and worked tirelessly to put out the blazing flames. 

“(The aircraft) turned on the right side, skidding off the runway... the high professionalism of our cabin crew prevented a major incident,” said airline officials.

A spokesperson for the airline, Alberto Lopez, even dispelled rumors that the plane had crashed by saying:  “It landed and then the fire was produced once the plane was on the ground but the exact cause of fire will be explained once the investigation has been completed.”

The Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communication has stated that the fire was caused due to a forced landing. However aviation officials believe a “dual gear collapse” on landing was to blame for the accident.

For now, the incident is under investigation and passengers are just glad they managed make it out alive.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edgar Su

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