Large Pet Lion Caught On Video Roaming The Streets Of Kuwait

Authorities shot the escaped animal with tranquilizer darts before taking it to the zoo. They are now looking for the lion’s owner.


Kuwaiti drivers were stunned to see a huge lion roaming around freely in a residential area in the city of Kabad.

The videos captured by onlookers, which were posted online and immediately went viral, showed the big cat relaxing on the side of the road before walking towards a car.

The authorities were also alerted about the unusual occurrence.

It was later discovered the animal was kept as a pet by a Kuwaiti resident, prompting the country’s Ministry of Interior to look for the owner as keeping lions as pets is illegal in the country.

After reaching the scene, authorities had to shoot the animal with tranquilizer darts before shifting it in a local zoo.

Deputy Director-General of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs for Livestock Affairs Ali Al Qattan said the escaped lion was captured in record time.

However, officers are still trying to figure out how the large cat managed to escape its enclosure in the first place. 

Whatever the case might be, residents of the area have rightfully demanded law enforcement officials to take strict action against the owner of the lion.

Had the authorities not reached on time, the king of the jungle could have easily attacked and injured locals, or worse.

This is not the first time a Kuwaiti resident has made headlines for keeping a lion as a pet.

In 2014, a housemaid died after her employer’s pet lion mauled her. She was taken to the hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. The big cat had reportedly torn off one of the maid’s arms and consumed a portion of her abdomen in the vicious attack.

Keeping such animals in captivation is not only an abuse on the animals that belong in the wild, it is also extremely dangerous for human lives.  

Thumbnail / Banner : Reuters, Thomas Mukoya

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