Disturbing Video Shows Bear Forced to Present Soccer Ball In Russia

PETA claimed the bear cubs are electrocuted, beaten and burned with cigarette butts during training, with their teeth and claws cruelly removed.

The distasteful act of a bear being forced to present the ball at a third-tier Russian soccer match has been bashed as inhumane around the world.

The bear Tim stood on his hind legs and clapped, and video of the stunt went viral. Tim was made to wear a muzzle during the entirety of this act.

Forcing wild animals to do unnatural stunts for the purpose of entertainment is not only cruel, it is also extremely dangerous.

The bear was forced to interact with the referee in front of a noisy soccer stadium crowd.

Brian da Cal, country director of Four Paws U.K., also warned about the impact on animals from performing such tricks. According to him, such “unnatural” behavior causes a great amount of stress that can lead to physical and psychological damage.

"While some supposedly find this depressing scene 'entertaining' there is nothing at all light-hearted about this kind of abuse. Bears are wild animals and as such have very specific and complex needs. Being chained up, muzzled and forced to perform unnatural acts in front of large, rowdy crowds of people causes tremendous stress and can have an untold impact on these animals, both psychological and physical,” he explained.

What’s even more heart wrenching are the cruel measures taken to supposedly “tame” these wild animal.

According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), bears are not “willing” performers, therefore, they are subjected inhumane behavior like separating cubs from their mothers and chaining their necks to teach them to balance on hind legs.


PETA claimed the bear cubs are electrocuted, beaten, starved and burned through cigarette butts in addition to their teeth and claws being cruelly removed.

Despite the horrifying acts against them, the idea of using wild animals for entertainment poses a significant threat. Many times, videos show animals turning on their trainers, resulting in horrendous injuries that may result in fatalities.



PETA also stated that fortunately such cases of animal cruelty have significantly dropped, but there are still regions that are prevalent in such practices.

Tim’s video garnered a lot of backlash on Twitter with people calling the video “terrible” and “sad.”





Thumbnail/Banner Credits: FC Angusht/Handout via REUTERS 

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