Ex-PayPal CEO Peter Thiel Thinks Lack Of Corruption Leads To Boredom

“But there’s a point where no corruption can be a bad thing. It can mean that things are too boring,” said Thiel in the interview.

Peter Thiel Interview

Peter Thiel has some unusual thoughts on the topic of corruption, but when you belong to the Trump camp, what else can people expect?

In an interview with The New York Times, the Trump adviser and PayPal co-founder disclosed his highly unconventional ideas — one of which includes corruption not being a bad thing. In fact, when writer Maureen Dowd noted that President Obama spent two terms in the White House without any major scandals, Thiel said:

“But there’s a point where no corruption can be a bad thing. It can mean that things are too boring.”

And Trump and his followers, if nothing, are never boring.

He also isn’t worried about conflict of interests, something that Donald Trump and his children have been accused of doing multiple times.

“I don’t want to dismiss ethical concerns here, but I worry that ‘conflict of interest’ gets overly weaponized in our politics. I think in many cases, when there’s a conflict of interest, it’s an indication that someone understands something way better than if there’s no conflict of interest. If there’s no conflict of interest, it’s often because you’re just not interested.”

It’s obvious Thiel doesn’t understand the full extent of conflict of interest. During his campaign, Trump banked on the fact that his business would translate into him being elected. Now that he is the president-elect, his business dealings can actually pose a conflict of interest towards running the government.

This week, President-elect Donald Trump announced he is transferring control of his organization to his sons. Yet handing over his company to people he has such close kinship with, hardly solves the problem.

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