Bullied Teen Uses Horrifying Ordeal To Send A Powerful Message

A high school student turned the tables on her tormentors by using a vicious beating video to spread an inspiring message against bullying.


Stop the bullying!! #teammiaPlease help us make this video go viral this is not ok and it's time to take a stand!!!STOP THE BULLYING #teammia

Posted by Nena Bella on Sunday, January 31, 2016


A Philadelphia teen is using her pain and humiliation to spread a very important message on social media.

Mia Chanel DeJesus, a student at Northeast High School, recently released a video that shows four girls viciously beating her in a school bathroom. The teenager reportedly received several blows to the head and torso, which rendered her unconscious while her tormentors continued to assault her.

Then, in an apparent attempt to torture the 16-year-old online, the bullies uploaded the appalling footage on Facebook. However, instead of feeling humiliated or embarrassed, DeJesus turned the clip against them by promoting it on social media with an added voiceover.

“I refuse to be held hostage by this video and my fear. I will not be a victim,” the girl said in the video. “I will post this video every day until something is done for all the people who continue to experience this type of humiliation.”

She believes she was attacked because those girls did not like her and has asked the authorities to consider bullying a crime.

“No one came to help me or tried to get help,” DeJesus said. “I never had the chance to defend myself because as you can clearly see in the video I was unconscious and unable to fight.”

Her family and friends have been sharing the clip, which has been viewed more than a million times on Facebook, with the hashtag #TeamMia.

However, one of the bullies recorded in the clip has criticized the video for not showing the entire scenario, according to the Daily News. The unnamed girl has even claimed DeJusus to be the real bully instead of herself.

The school has expelled all the four attackers since the video went viral.

Although investigations are still underway, it is safe to say that DeJesus has brought up one of the most important issues plaguing the teenagers in the United States. It takes a certain kind of bravery to turn pain into something positive to inspire people and this haunting video has managed to do just that.

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